Nextweb Process

The Course - Route - Progression

Just so you know or are made aware of, NextWeb is not your run-of-the-mill or a typical Apps and Apps development company. We cannot be bandied, construed, or interpreted like scores of Apps and Technology Companies.

Because we are several notches higher and we can rightfully say this purely based on our experience and what we have on offer. W can be your perfect technical collaborator, whatever is the size of your company, large-scale, SMB, or even a start-up. Or if you are looking to partner with us, we serve purely as a technical accelerator so as to speed up your go-to market strategy and help meet the time you had earmarked to go ‘live’. We do have effective, engaging, and workable models that will surely give you the mileage and traction you seek and yes, your App will get all the attention it merits and will make its presence felt when it is finally released in the market.

Idea Corroboration

An App is not just about its end goal. It has a lot other elements that go into it. Starting with its purpose, focus, audience, design and how clear the strategy interlinks between all this and finally makes its presence felt in the market. But before all this, an App stems from an idea, a thought, and its gradual germination and culmination is what gives it its final thrust and outline.

For this, focus is what it is. Right from Day one, we interface and interact with you and understand what you need and what you have in mind and accordingly, we ideate and create. But we will also analyse and evaluate at our end and see its market feasibility and whether it will catch the eye of the intended audience.

Once all assumptions, theories, and doubts are allayed, we will then draw and define business goals and how to go about devising and delivering the App as per what you want and seek.

Product Release Approach

For all our clients ‘we believe in creating, and crafting, Apps that will help make a difference and Apps that are catchy and captivating. And in the whole scheme of things, we still have an eye on your business goal and after the requirements gathering, we move into conceptualization. And from here on, our experience, our planning and devising effective App strategies is what will make it happen. And all this helps identify key differentiators that are involved and thus help launch the App, making it a success and ensuring that it generates revenue.

UX Design and Interface

Our user-focused attitude to design can be virtually compartmentalized into two core sections and basically, one is an offshoot of the other or one connects to the other. The first critical step in the App creation and designing is where a wireframe is created so as to ensure that the App follows all the basic tenets of a good UX design. And that is, it is user-friendly, easily navigable; usability quotient is in place, it is easy to access and manoeuvre and most of all interactive. And when we say interactive, the App and the users should find it easy to interact with each other.

The UX design also ensures that the aesthetic element of the App is strongly in place and the user interface is appealing and visually arresting. Basically, what NextWeb sets out to do is to create an intuitive design with easy functionality which in turn will ensure the perfect App experience and appeal to the target audience.

Agile Methodology

Apps development is not everything at NextWeb. But we focus much beyond that. And that is we apply practical, working methodologies like proven Agile methodologies across iOS, Android and the web Apps so as to provide Apps that are worthy, of good quality with a good design and is guaranteed to make it in the market. And in this the Agile tactic applied ensures the planning, innovative idea generation, delivery model, speed and continued improvisation for the App is taken care of. Agile methodology offers the right equilibrium between original, imaginative expressions and technical inputs and limitations so as to deliver an App that will be an assured market leader!

Growth Strategies and Plans

NextWeb is perfect for all. Whether you are a start-up, an established company, a small and medium business, or a proprietorship, we have customized strategies that are defined just for your target market. And most of all, our guiding force and what essentially forms the very basis of our growth hacks would be the ROI outline. The digital presence is established and the perfect strategy is devised so as to ensure that the App is viewed and downloaded by the actual target audience and all of this is achieved at very cost-effective pricing. And thanks to our potent and prudent growth strategies and plans, the probable user base for the App is augmented well. And we just don’t design and develop, but we are with you in this journey, end-to-end, and that is all support and ongoing maintenance of the App is provided by us.

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