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“Design is a journey of discovery”

If we are talking Android and its towering market presence, it has the lion’s share in the smartphone market. Year 2016 figures suggest that about 85% of the market share, world over is with Android. The Google promoted OS is so well-accepted and well-liked, that it is almost like a monopoly and Android is at its peak in many ways more than one.

The staggering figures puts Android users’ at over a billion users’ and every day, a million are getting added on to the Android platform and the Android OS is only going to grow and there’s no stopping this wave.

As you are aware of market trends and having learnt that the Android OS presence does have domination, and many users’ prefer Android OS Apps, it is but natural to wanting to have an App designed and developed on the Android platform that will definitely do well in the Google Play Store.

Android Apps Builders Brisbane

And in this regard, if you are in the quest of the ultimate App Company who can give you what you seek in terms of an App that is appealing, discerning, and intuitive, then it is, NextWeb!

We build Apps on your chosen platform and they are designed to succeed! We customize the App based on the client’s domain, industry, aim, and requisite. And therefore, if you want an App that will make a splash, then you need a superlative design to complete it. And that is where we score, because we at NextWeb design interfaces that are charismatic, winning, and intuitive. We believe that it is the strong sense of design backed by some thoughtful UI interface that will help make the difference you seek. As the saying goes, ‘Design is the silent ambassador of your brand’ and a good design is what will help make the difference.

And if your App is backed by these strong elements, then there is nothing deterring your presence and you will be noticed and get all the presence you need, the way you want it.

And NextWeb has these qualities that will help you succeed in the Android App market:

Strong UI/UX interface and design

Our UI architects will design your App in a way that it helps garner the presence, visibility, and positive experience.

While iOS apps are known for their design, Android is relatively less mature in this aspect. Many designers have been avoiding it and multiple screen sizes make it more difficult. This means that a great design had much higher chances to stand out.

Know how?

There is nothing to underscore, proficiency and knowhow. And NextWeb has the required knowhow, expertise and more in the App design and development segment.

We are over and above App development

We strategize, and are absolutely focused on how you can build a good user base, and how you are able to sustain and retain users’ and most of all, how engaging the App is. And that we will do for you.

App Development

Before we embark on a App development project, there is a lot of study and research that goes with it and from idea conception to its realization and completion, there is a lot that goes into it.

So, if you are thinking Android OS, coupled with irresistible App designs and interface, then reach out to the experienced designers and developers of NextWeb today!

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